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Aube Yoga Center
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In € to Association GYANA.
Fill in the booking form and send it
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Aube Yoga Center
14-16, rue de la Côte Régnier
10210 Chesley • France •
Life in the center is ruled by some principles that every participant has to respect, in order to ensure positive yoga processes and a conductive atmosphere :
To attend each and every activity (yoga class at 6 am included)
   and to willingly participe to karma yoga and bhakti yoga periods.
To respect the timing of meals.
To stay silent (mauna) after the last program until the yoga class
   in the next morning.
Not to use personal car during the course without informing the manager.
To stay in the center in the evening and night, while respecting the allocation
   of rooms.
Pets are not allowed.
Tobacco, alcohol and drugs are strictly forbidden in the center.
Keeping food in the rooms is prohibited.
To ask permission before trying to cure a person
   (kiné, massages, rei-ki, shiatsu, ayurveda...).
Booking one month before date of arrival.
30% deposit to Gyana Association, refundable if cancellation occurs more
   than 2 weeks before date.
Membership participation : 8 €.
Discount for teachers attending the course with some of their students
   or friends.
• The indicated fees for all activities include :
   yoga classes, lodging and meals.
Lodging in rooms of 2 to 4 people. Private room for a supplementary fee,
   when available (8 € per night).
Simple and balanced vegetarian food.
Bring a sleeping bag, alarm clock, slippers, bath towel...
   A complete bedding can be provided with an extra fee (5 €).
We may pick up you in the Railway Station of Tonnerre. Extra fee (5 €).
For the payment, ask for our bank informations if you want to pay by bank
   transfer in Euros.