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This kind of stay aims to integrate yoga practices and yoga nidra with ashram life style in the Aube Yoga Center.

A period of Yoga and ashram Life is an opportunity to fully live Satyananda Yoga and not only to practise it during a class or a course.

What is an ashram ?

A place which remains focused on a powerful aim in order to federate people. To be linked with a Yoga Tradition ensures success because it allows to avoid power trips and personification.
A place where we work : " Shram " means effort. To go to an ashram is an opportunity to learn how we can manage efficiently our own effort and to consider action as the main means of our inner experience.
A place where we learn a precious lesson, immunity : in an ashram, we do not choose situations and interactions. So, many times, we will react and by observing our mental reactions, we are in the best position to learn abourt ourselves instead of complaining... and finally, we will become less influenced by events or people around us.
A place where we learn to give and to be fully involved : in an ashram, we have to participate without any personal gratification because the life is not centered around our own ideas, desires and needs. The experience of ashram life will naturally encourage us to overcome the individualistic point of view and to enhance our humanistic and altruist capacities.

Objectives of a period Yoga & ashram Life

You may stay in the Aube Yoga Center individually or with a group to allow your students to experience yoga practices and the traditional yoga paths (karma yoga or action, bhakti yoga or devotion : mantras and kirtans, jnana yoga or self knowledge), along with ashram life style.
The aims are to combine the strengh and awareness gained through hatha yoga, yoga nidra and meditation with other paths of yoga, and to imbibe yoga principles and philosophy. This kind of retreat is mainly based on karma yoga but emphasizes also meditation, personal practices and self-study. It gives the students the opportunity to fully live yoga and to learn how to apply the yoga principles in the individual life.

Available periods Yoga & Ashram Life :

Due to the large range of activities of the Aube Yoga Centre, please respect these periods to fix your plans. You can come the day before at evening time, without any extra charges. Take your diner before arriving.
Please see the French page on Yoga & Vie ashram to know about the dates for the current year.
Practices of yoga : The main focus in a period Yoga & Ashram Life is involvement in action with full self-awareness. Practices are tools to enhance this quality and karma yoga is the field where it is tested. Bhakti yoga is also very important because it provides an opening of the heart. In the early morning, a period of yoga practice is sheduled without guidance. If necessary, Yoga Satyananda classes can be given with an extra-fee. A time for personal practice and self-study is included in the timing. Yoga Nidra and Meditation are sheduled every day to increase relaxation, self-awareness and self-acceptance.
Mauna, silence : mauna is a yogic discipline which ensures an increased self-awareness. When the action of speech is controlled, mind is easily manageable. This rule is compulsory during meals and between the evening kirtan period and the mantras practised in the early morning program.
Time table for a period Yoga & ashram Life :
Mantras : 6 h 15 to 6.45 am
Personal practices of hatha yoga, pranayama, méditation : 6.45 to 7.45 am, possibility of Yoga class with extra-fee.
Participation in collective karma yoga :1 hour after breakfast.
Specific Karma Yoga workshop or attending some tasks taking place in the center : 9.45 to 11 h 45.
Yoga Nidra or satsang : 1.45 to 2.45 pm
Karma Yoga workshop or attending some tasks taking place in the center: 2.45 to 4.45 pm.
Personal practices and Self studies : 4.45 to 5.30 pm
Meditation class : 5.30 to 6.30 pm
Kirtans : 7.30 to 8.30 pm
Fees :
Including teaching, accomodation and meals.
50 per day + 23 for membership. 3 days minimum, during the sheduled periods.
Extra fee for Yoga classes : an individual room : 10 Euros per class.
Extra fee for individual room : 8 Euros per night.
For picking up at the Tonnerre railway station : + 5 €.
For a group leader : discount or free stay according to the number of participants.
Before booking, please take in consideration our regulations and general conditions.
If you want to attend this kind of activity, please consult our general conditions and fill out the booking form.
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" Asana and pranayama are not the beginning of yoga,
but awareness in every action combining body, mind and spirit is. "