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yoga classes - satyananda yoga courses and trainings

Activities of the Gyana Association take place in the Aube Yoga Centre and other parts of France in the form of classes, lectures, courses, training programs, publications and stays in the Yoga Centre. The training courses follow the standard of Satyananda Yoga.
The Gyana Association is officially recognized as an Educational Organisation by the Region of Champagne-Ardenne (France).

The programme of yoga activities includes :

Regular Yoga Classes in different parts of France.
Monthly Yoga Classes in different parts of France, 3 hours.
Courses and short yoga training
Meditation: pratyahara (withdrawing of the senses) and dharana (concentration).
Outside seminars conducted by the Swamis of the Aube Yoga Centre.
If you want to attend one activity, please consult our general conditions and fill out the booking form.
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"Yoga is an ancient system of philosophy, lifestyle and techniques, by which we evolve the whole person, the physical, the vitality, the mind and the emotions, the wisdom of psychic qualities, our ethics and relationships, and the realisation of our spiritual reality"