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This kind of stay aims to integrate yoga practices and yoga nidra with the dynamic life style of the Aube Yoga Center.

A yoga stay is a rare opportunity to fully live Satyananda Yoga and not only to practice it during a class or a course.

Objectives of a yoga retreat

You may stay in the Aube Yoga Center individually or with a group to allow your students to experience yogic life and yoga paths.
The aims are :
To combine the interiority gained through hatha yoga, yoga nidra and meditation with other paths of yoga : karma yoga, bhakti yoga and gyana yoga. When the retreat is organised around a specific theme, some practical instructions are given to help the students to apply the benefits of practices into the life.
To develop the drashta or witness through a progressive and guided method. This quality is an integral part of gyana yoga, in which observation is combined with acceptation.
To give a solid base for spiritual progress and in the same time to avoid isolation and enhance the sense of self responsability.

Available period for general yoga retreat

Due to the large range of activities of the Aube Yoga Centre, please respect these periods to fix your plans. You can come the day before at evening time, without any extra charges. Take your diner before arriving.

Available periods for yoga retreats :

Please visit the French pages about :
Practices of yoga : The main focus in a yoga retreat is awareness in normal routine. Practices are tools to enhance this quality of awareness and karma yoga is the field where it is tested. Bhakti yoga provides an opening of the heart.
Time table for Yoga Retreat with a theme :
Mantras : 6 h 15 to 6.45 am
Hatha yoga, pranayama, méditation : 6.45 to 7.45 am
Participation in collective karma yoga :1 hour after breakfast.
Specific Yoga Class with Satyananda Yoga practices related to the theme : 9.30 to 11 h 45.
Lecture on the theme or Yoga nidra (with guidance) : 1.45 to 2.45 pm
Karma Yoga workshop : 3.15 to 5.45 pm.
Meditation class and Self studies : 5.45 to 6.30 pm
Bhajans and Kirtans (singing) : 7.30 to 8.30 pm
Personal sadhana : 8.30 to 9.30 pm
Fees :
Including teaching, accomodation and meals.
Yoga retreat with a theme : 435 € + 23 € for membership.
Extra fees for an individual room : 8 € per night.
For picking up at the Tonnerre railway station : + 5 €.
For a group leader : discount or free stay according to the number of participants.
Before booking, please take in consideration our regulations and general conditions.
Malas Workshop
Chakras Workshop
Pranayama practice : Nadi Shodhana
If you want to attend this kind of activity, please consult our general conditions and fill out the booking form.
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" Asana and pranayama are not the beginning of yoga,
but awareness in every action combining body, mind and spirit is. "