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The Aube Yoga Centre is affiliated to the European Satyananda Yoga Family (ESYF), a philosophical organisation supervising Satyananda Yoga Teachings in Europe.

This Center was established in 1992 by Swami Brahmatattwa and Swami Devanath with a small group, in order to give concrete expression to the yogic aspiration. Since then, it has grown steadily, following the initial objectives and the guidance of Swami Niranjanananda who conducted two seminars here, in 1994 and 1997.

General presentation of the Aube Yoga Centre

The Centre is located 200 kilometers south-east of Paris, in a small village nestling in the hills of Aube.
Comprising four old stone houses surrounded by trees, green space and flower gardens, the center provides for the needs of modern life while maintaining the simplicity of yogic life. The atmosphere both peaceful and replenishing inspires everyone to pursue their own inner journey and to realize the yoga vision in daily life.
Within this framework, the activities of the Gyana Association and Swam Editions circulate the teachings of Satyananda Yoga spread by the Bihar School of Yoga and Bihar Yoga Bharati.

The life in the Aube Yoga Centre

The Aube Yoga Centre operates following the yogic principles wherein each individual is considered as an active participant and not only a guest.
We are always in search for a better way allowing each participant to imbibe yogic principles and philosophy and to integrate them in their own life. In this technologically advanced world, with its stressful pace and sense of isolation, the centre's life style offers a way to reconnect with subtle personal ressources. The aim is to enhance a better relationship with ourselves, respectful interactions with others and a positive attitude in front of every situation in life. The programs are structured in such a way as to create links between collective yoga practices, time spent in communal activities and bhakti yoga periods.
In this context, one can find a balance between "head, heart and hands", intellect, feelings and action. The aim is to associate a greater inner awareness gained by yogic practices with the expression of a dynamic life, in order to ultimately "live yoga" and not only to practise it.
Life in the center is ruled by some principles that every participant has to respect, in order to ensure positive yoga processes and a conductive atmosphere : to attend each and every activity (yoga class at 6 am included) and to willingly participe to karma yoga and bhakti yoga periods ; to stay silent (mauna) after the last program until the next yoga class in the morning ; in order to know about other rules of communal life, please read our regulations.
Swami Brahmatattwa
Swami Devanath
Traditional houses with all modern amenities surrounded by flowering gardens and lawns.
" If, despite all the gloom, one's mind shines with the sun, then one is a yogi. "