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Informations concerning the Bihar School of Yoga, Bihar Yoga Bharati and their representatives, as well as the activities of the Aube Yoga Centre.

Paramahamsa Satyananda' s Maha Samadhi

Paramahamsa Satyananda who inspired millions to live the divine life took maha samadhi at midnight on the 5 th of December 2009.
Yoga with Gurukul Lifestyle in Munger
" Gurukul training is crucial for the success or failure of an individual, because it relates to the capacity to interact with life, to be able to take the correct decisions and formulate the correct ideas about what one should or should not do. There are lessons that each individual has to learn about life so that he can face it squarely."
Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Training in English. Open to male or female from 18 to 60 years old. Visit the official website of BSY to know about the different activities:
Ashram life in Rikhia Peeth
The residence of Swami Satyananda is open to ashram life and seminars during the whole year. Throughout the year, there is also many celebrations with joyful kirtans and bhajans, with seva (service) and satsang. To apply for ashram life, you have to write or phone to Rikhia.
The 2 main events in Rikhia, Sita Kalyanam and Maha Chandi Yagna, are sheduled every year in November/December.
The ashram where Sri Swami Satyananda was living has a blog to spread satsangs, kirtans and videos all over the world :
Satyananda Yoga Academy Europe : Yogic Studies
The work of S.Y.A.E. is directly inspired by Swami Niranjan. The European programme of Yogic Studies is conducted in English. It allows the students to learn Satyananda Yoga in depth through residential courses and a personal sadhana : daily yogic pratices, studies and homework. The Yogic Studies are organized in Bulgaria. Teacher Training Course is also organized from 2014.
Website of this Academy :
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