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The aims of the Satyananda Yoga are:

To rediscover the source of Yoga Tradition and adapt it to the present needs of mankind.
To teach yoga in all its different facets and to increase the understanding of yoga.
To find a way of living yoga and to bring together yoga pratices, yogic sadhana and yogic life style.
To bring together occidental science and oriental wisdom.
Swam Editions is a non-profit-making organization whose aim is to spread the knowledge of yoga and spiritual path through the yoga teachings of :
Books and Videos
Swami Niranjanananda
During the International Yoga Festival of Venice, conducted in May 2006, Paramahamsa Niranjanananda gave a practical and profound insight into yoga, sadhana and yogic life style. He has also advised yoga "capsules" in order to incorporate yoga pratices into daily routine and to overcome stress.
A set of 6 DVDs in 3 albums with the lectures of Swami Niranjanananda.
Set of DVDs : 90 €
To order, please click here : Satyananda Yoga Italy
Sita Kalyanam 2000 with Paramahamsa Satyananda
An exceptional event led by Paramahamsa Satyananda himself. This new document gives a profound understanding of the esoteric and exoteric aspects of Yajna, a vedic and tantric ceremony with mantras, rituals and prasads (distribution of gifts). This film enables one to have the darshan of Swami Satyananda, to connect with the highest spiritual vibrations and become imbued with the qualities of heart, love and devotion.
Set of 2 DVD of 2 hours each : 40 €
The proceeds from the sale is given to Sivananda Math, India.
Some means to practise yoga...
Graphics of chakras, the psychic centres. Means used for meditation and visualization. 8 coloured images (20x20cm) presented alone or put together in one vertical set.
Public price : 19 € (free chakras) - 28 € (vertical set)
Sri Yantra
One of the most famous yantras, the geometrical symbols used for meditation. It shows the different stages of cosmic manifestation, from the source, bindu, to the gross matter.
Coloured image (45x45cm). Price : 7 €.
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